A new era of fashion begins with EMADÉ

Posted by Abdullah Bajrami on

The time has finally come: on 20.04.2023 the first collection of EMADÉ will be launched. "LA PRIMA COLLEZIONE" promises a new era in fashion! With innovative designs, eco-friendly manufacturing and unique materials, EMADÉ will revolutionize the fashion world.

The brand was founded by a young team of designers who aim to usher in a new era in the fashion industry. Away from mass production, towards individual and timeless designs.

We are sure that EMADÉ will soon be one of the hottest fashion brands. So mark your calendars for 20.04.2023 and be there when "LA PRIMA COLLEZIONE" is finally available!

So with "LA PRIMA COLLEZIONE" a new era of fashion is starting - a whole new way of shopping, where quality, sustainability and style come first! We can hardly wait until 20.04.2023! Until then it is: Stay tuned for more!